About Us


Our Profession

Mifaktory is a Hong Kong company with Sales Office in Hong Kong and factory in Guangzhou, China, offering competitive pricing and excellent services.

We have over 40 years of experience in sewing and production, providing only the best service for our customers.



Our Service

All of our products are manufactured using high quality raw materials. We offer a variety of services for our customers to create collections of premium quality products branded with personalised logos. Our top-notch service is reliable, honest and trustworthy, ensuring customer satisfaction with every transaction.
Our Employees

Our team of employees aim to meet every demand of our customers. Whether it’s a special design request or a strict deadline, our employees will make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction

Low Quantity & Import Service

Our service allows for low quantity orders, starting as low as 100 units. Our forwarders will take care of all your importing needs, delivering straight to your warehouse.



At Mifaktory, we are passionate about protecting the planet. We strive to turn otherwise wasted materials, such as recycled PET bottles into fashionable cosmetic and tote bags, backpacks and more.